Frost United Methodist Church
A Great Place To Call Home...

Front Street at Whiteselle Street                               Frost, Texas

Rev Leah Hidde-Gregory, Pastor                             Chris Rowe, Youth Director

The Frost United Methodist Church had its beginnings at Cross Road, a few miles away from what is now the town of Frost which at the time was a mesquite thicket. On Saturdays men gathered at the village store in Cross Road which is about three miles south of Frost near what is still called the Jock Sanders place. Not far away from the village store was a little one room box church, weather-beaten and warped so badly that it swayed with the wind. Old Timers have recorded that was the first Methodist Church in this community. Here the pioneer Methodist met to sing, pray and worship.

In 1887 with the railroad coming through Frost, Methodist with the watchword ever in mind ---“Forward”--- voted to tear down the church at Cross Road and build it in Frost which was to become one of the leading small towns in Navarro County with the motto, “Where cotton is King and Friendliness is Queen.” The members tore the church down, pulled the nails, and hauled the lumber to Frost. The church was rebuilt for $60 by D.K. Robinson, his on Lee, Mr. Percival and his son.

The church grew and in October 1904 under the pastorate of Rev. L.F. Harris, a resolution was passed authorizing the building of a new church. The committee appointed included: J.A. Gilliam, W.C. Hooser, D.K. Robinson, O.R. Sellers, A. Murphy, J.R. Shelton, and W.H. Childers. On completion of the building in 1905 the value was placed at $2500.

On May 6, 1930 a tornado almost wiped out the entire town of Frost, including the Methodist Church. At that time the General Conference of Southern Methodist Churches was in session in Dallas, Texas. When this group of people heard of the plight of the members of the Frost Methodist Church, contributions toward a building fund for a new church began to pour in; there fore, because of the efforts of this group a new Methodist Church was built on a new site which is the spot where the present church now stands. It was valued at $10,000 with an indebtedness of only $2500. W.W. Richardson was pastor at this time, followed by J.L. Evans, A.C. Haynes, W.W. Pittman, J.S. Huckaby, and W.V. Bane who had charge of the Dedication Service January 19, 1941, with the church free of debt.

In 1983 a dream came true for many members of the Frost United Methodist Church. A new church annex was completed and occupied in the last quarter of the year. It was dedicated on March 3, 1985. Plans for the building under the leadership and guidance of the Rev. Gary J. Carroll, pastor (1980-1984) were begun in 1982, and construction began the early part of 1983. A building committee consisting of Billie Ruth Daniel, Shirley Hargrove, Dale Cosby, Marion Green, Theresa Martin, Beverly Vest, Clifford Williams, and Keith Speer, who drew the plans, was appointed to assist in carrying out the plans.
This building has served many needs and has been used by many groups. The beautiful glass windows were made by E.M. Sheppard.
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